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Why should I choose 1CG?
We provide stylish, sleek and durable vape pens utilizing a 32.8 volt battery, 180 mAh and  5.4 universal threading.

Does the 1CG vape pen/kit come with cartridges?
Yes, it comes with an empty cartridge.

Where can I find 1CG products?
Click on the link to see our list of licensed retailers nearest you.

What if I have a defective pen and it’s not working correctly?
Please email us at info@1clickgreen.com and our customer service department will be happy to assist you.

Can I use another cartridge with my vape pen?
Technically, you can use another cartridge with your pen, but we don’t recommend it.

Can I refill the cartridges with my own oil?
They are disposable and should be thrown away once they are used once and empty.

How do I know if my pen is fully charged?
The USB light will turn green.

How should I store my cartridges to ensure that they remain fully functional?
Never expose your cartridges to extreme heat or cold as this could cause the oil to leak.  If you choose to store your cartridge separately from your 1CG vape pen(which we recommend for safety), please replace the rubber sleeve on the bottom of the cartridge to prevent leakage. High altitudes can periodically cause the cartridges to leak as well; to prevent this, you can store your 1CG Vape pen or cartridge in a pressure-resistant case.

Where can I find 1CG vape pens and cartridges?
You can purchase 1CG pens, batteries and cartridges online at 1cgvape.com. Or click on the link to see our list of licensed retailers nearest you.

How long does a cartridge last?
It depends on the size of the cartridge and how often you use it.

Is it best to exhaust the battery and then give a full re-charge or does it matter?
You can slightly prolong the battery’s charge capacity by periodically exhausting the battery prior to re-charging; however, this is not necessary. Feel free re-charge battery any time it seems to be running low.

What’s the difference between the G4 and the Osmosis pens?
The Osmosis air pull technology we developed allows the pen to pull larger amounts. The G4 pen heats more consistently and battery has a bit of a longer battery life.

How long does it take to ship after I place my order?
Your order will be shipped after it is process which usually takes 2-4 business days.

Where is my order?
You can track your order using the USPS tracking number provided to you in the email you receive when your order ships.

Why haven’t I received my tracking number?
Your order must still be processing, please check back periodically.

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